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New Users

Don’t panic!

You may feel a little unprepared for using the library—a bit overwhelmed if these skills are new to you.  You may feel like you’re missing some of the instruction that other students have.

But don’t be afraid to ask.  We know you all come from different places and that you learn in different ways.  We just really want you to end up at a point where you are confident about using the information in our library and you have what you need to be a successful student.

Even more than that, we want you to keep on learning—not just while you’re in school, but for the rest of your life.  The skills you learn now are tools—equipping you for your future.  Gather, learn, practice, grow.

For those of you who are studying by Online Learning, you will have greater challenges in accessing library resources.  But we still want to assist you.  Don’t hesitate to ask—phone, e-mail, come in—if we can serve you.  Our library intends to meet your information needs as well.  We’ll do a proxy search for you.  We’ll mail what you request or help you find other electronic resources so that you can be successful as a student at Welch College.

We really do want to help you do your best!